About AKKO

At  this college we offer more learning experiences than any other  college.  We work with you to help you teach your dog to be a  wonderful companion at home and to behave well wherever you wish to take  him.

You  will learn to care for your dog's grooming needs and his nutritional  needs along with how to train him for obedience and agility.   Everything you learn applies to life at home and may be used in  competition if you desire.

While you and your dog  are learning all of these new things, you will be participating in  fun-filled activities.  You will need a good sense of humor.   Dog-training can be both funny and frustrating.  If you can learn  to laugh at yourself and your dog, you will be on your way to success.

We  have saved hundreds of unruly dogs from going to the dog pound over the  last 20-plus years.  Our training has turned these difficult dogs  into loving and much-loved companions.